First Steam Engine 1653 - England

29/09/2012 15:45

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The first Steam Engine was first invented in 1653 by Edward Somerset (1601 –  1667)  who was an English nobleman. In 1655 he authored a book which consisted of textual descriptions of 100 separate inventions. It was eventually printed in 1663 and included a device described as his "Water-commanding Engine".


Constructed from the barrel of  a canon, it was an obvious prototype design for what would later become the steam engine, and clearly anticipated the power and applications of that machine.


In 1663 Samuel Sorbiere visited Edward's Vauxhall workshop and saw and described the "hydraulic machine which the Marquis of Worcester has invented." It was designed for purposes of irrigation, and would "raise to the height of forty feet, by the strength of one man and in the space of one minute of time, four large buckets of water."


Cosimo de' Medici, Duke of Tuscany, visited it in 1669, when a similar description was given. Robert Hooke however, described it as "one of the perpetual motion fallacies."